Blessings on a detour

What is for you will not pass you by.

All things ment for you will find their way to you.

If you let them to.

We are the ones that make our blessings take a detour to find us.

We are the ones throwing away candy from our selves.

No one is taking nothing from us.

Take time out.

Regroup your thoughts, needs, and accomplishments.

When we get still and allow.

We open the way for blessings to come to us.

But in order to do so we need to get still.

We need to feel.

And we need to leave fear behind.


Vision board

This weekend I am going to make a new vision board.

I feel like I have outgrown the old one.

And that I am changing.

And so are my wishes.

And what I want to have in my life.

While I give thanks to all the stuff that have come true.

I make space for the new ones to come into my life by letting go off the outcome.

Do like this:

Take the list you wrote about what makes you happy.

Take the list of the wishes you would like to see everyday in your life.

Or in your life in general.

The more specific you are, the better.

Take a bunch of magazines.

Or anything else that has picture or text.

Or search for picture in the internet to print out.

Sites like Pinterest or Weheartit are great.

Cut out the ones that ”speak” to you.

The pictures that make you feel good when looking at them.

That represent the things you want to have in your life.

Or maybe a text that you can use as a quotation.

You can glue them together on a bigger papper.

Or you can but them on the refrigerator.

You can also pin them to a cork board (you find it at Ikea).

You can arrange the pictures by category.

Stuff you want.

Events you want to experience.

Accomplishments you want to make.

Places you want to visit.

Or arrange them by color.

Just make it pretty for you to look at.

When you finish making the vision board place it where you can see it.

Look at it everyday and imagine you having all the stuff already.

How would it feel like to live that life?

Stay in the feeling a while.

Then let it go.

And go on with your life.

Knowing that.

In due time, everything will come to you.

Different operating system

We operate on a different operating system.

I believe we have an MacOS.

While neurotypical have a Windows.

Its difficult to download programs in a Mac.

You can’t cheat on a Mac.

Mac requires your information.

Your numbers on your credit card.

Windows will give you possibilities.

To download programs.

Install them.

Hack them.

And have them forever.

Mac can’t be played that way.

We don’t do well with a lot of people and all kind of small talk… we don’t do rumors.

We can’t be hacked that way.

But Mac is simpler to use.

If you get to know it.

It gives your so much more.

Than a Windows do.

(sorry but true)

But it will still need your information.

But! There are programs that both operating systems can install.

Both free or paid.

Imagine Windows and MacOS go out for an ice-cream or stealing a pizza.

Its just like that.

Both have information.

The fun stuff like music.

And pictures.

And movies.

And they can even share the same memories. (not only Gb).

And then they have these files laying.

Taking up space in the system.

The computer even tells you that you can delete them. ( I got 12,17Gb right now)

It’s the stuff you don’t need.

It’s the stuff Windows and MacOS wants to get rid of.

What do you need to get rid of in order to make space for the fun stuff that you do use?

Make room for ice-cream and pizza!

And some Windows operating systems in your life.

Your body is like a car

You are feeling like you look like.

When you feel good you also look good.

Your body is a device for you to be in this earth, to have this kind of life.

Thats why its important to take care of it.

Its not vanity its a must.

You need to make sure you got all that is good for you.

Just like a car.

You need to clean it and make sure everything works as it should.

In order for it not to break down.

You need to fix the rust.

If you want the car to work for you longer.

And you can even put a WunderBaum to make it smell good.

You can change the color on it for your liking.

Just as your body.

It needs showers.

And body cream.

And perfume.

And colorful clothes of your liking.

You body needs to work for you.

But you need to take care of it.

In order for it to take you places in this life.

A happy list

To create a list with all the things you like.

And the things that make you happy.

To go back to when you feel out off alignment.

Is a perfect go-to list to make you feel good.

But what about all the everyday happy stuff?

Why not acknowledge them?

In the evening write at least 3 things.

That happen that day that made you happy and grateful.

In the morning as soon as you wake up.

Write down at least 3 things that you are hopeful about.

That you would like to happen for you in your life.

During that day or general in life.

What ever you wish for is never to small or to big to come to life, to existing.

What ever your wish is was put there for you to have.

Was put there to make you a better person.

Was put there for you to level up.

Thoughts are energy.

And when you think about something a lot.

With a intense intention.

Then the energy will draw that specific thing or event to you.

You need to get out there!

Sometimes it just happens.

You meet someone and they just get you.

You don’t have to filter yourself.

Your way of seeing the world.

Your way of speaking.

Neither your way of walking.

Its like you talk the same language.

Even though you can be quiet.

Sit in the silence together.

And just klick.

With one another.

Sometimes it does happen.

That you meet a neurotypical.

And your worlds inter collide.

But inorder for it to happen.

You need to get out there!

Awesome love

Life happens for you never to you.

Its a big one to take with you.

If all you take away from reading this.

It’s that: everything happens for you.

Its hard to think about sometimes when you repeat bad happenings.

But when you get the lesson it brought to you.

It all comes down to love.

Life itself wants you to live.

Think about it.

You have a totally new body in 7? years of time.

All cells are new.

Life wants you to feel good.

What feels more good than love?

Its an inside job.

Love is something you give your self.

And you can only give away to the world something you have.

Something you posses.

In the core you are love.

Awesome love.

I lost something

In a stressful situation.

That situation alone could be a book.

So I will not write about it.

But I wanted to share the lesson.

To lose something you like is never fun.

And to lose something because of a stressful situation made me think about my actions.

When unnecessary stress occurs you need to take a step back.

The thing is to know if you should be active or passive in a situation.

Every one is different.

And difficult for us.

Just like life itself, there is no rule book to follow.

I got home and looked at all the stuff I DO have.

And how I need to cherish them more.

How I need to take care off them.

And give them the care they required to look and operate at their best.

It can be to update the computer or to clean silver.

How I need to show them appreciation.

Because I am grateful for the things I have.

They make me having the life I live.

How could I post this without a computer?

How much do WE have that we don’t take care of?

How much do we know that we don’t think is any value in?

How many skills do we possess that we don’t make into reality?

How much do you need to really take a look at ALL that you have?

Write it down.

And don’t ever think its a small, insignificant thing.

Often just because something is obvious for us we tend to think its valueless.

For someone else that very thing you got could mean the world to them.

Share your gifts.

Because thats what they are.

Your gifts comes easy to you.

Your gifts are effortless for you.

Your gifts is what you do and don’t even think about it.

Your gifts makes you happy.

Your gifts are something you probably take for granted.

So take a look around:

What needs to be given that extra care and shown gratitude to?


Well, its still no fun to lose something you like.

But I gain a lesson.

And I’m taking care of it by sharing it here and incorporate it in my life from here on.

And instead of feeling stressed out and anxious over losing a thing.

Im feeling grateful for gaining knowledge.

You should do what makes you happy

When you feed yourself, your mind, your soul.

Then you can be in the world with abundance.

Only what you have is what you can give.

And only what you give away is what you will keep.

When you give your gifts away is when you keep them.

Stagnation is death.

Thats why it is most important to feed yourself first.

Give to yourself what you need.

Only you can know what you deeply need to feel full.

Keep searching, don’t settle.

Savants? Nope.

Nobody sees the work behind it all.

The stress and pressure we are under all the time.

The people around us and their patience.

Nobody sees behind the scene.

And nobody want to.

I guess that here lies our loneliness.

Here lies the thin line between ”your are so smart” and ”you stupid idiot”.

We exist in it in silence.

We sit in it.

We sit with it.

And we endure it.

All the feelings that comes with it.

And the people around us can only have patience and watch.

And wait.

Like we are waiting.

For it to pass.

And when it does.

Damn we are so smart.

And clever.

And logical.

And out of the box thinkers.

And we can do it all.

People around us sees now that their patience have paid.

And we hear ”you are so smart” from strangers.

Or you hear the famous ”I’ve never thought about it that way”.

And after a while you get tired of this.

And you think ”no shit you haven’t!?”

Ironically of course.

Because you know what it took for you to get there.

What it all cost you.

And when you will get back to your loneliness behind the scene.

They can not follow you backstage there.

And you will hear ”you stupid idiot” again.

But remember:

Diamonds can not exist without pressure.

They may think off us as awkward or as savants.

But I see us as diamonds under pressure behind the scene.

And every time we are getting just more awesome.

Our journey is for us

When you grow.

In your way off thinking.

In a sense of what you want for your self in life.

When you grow in your ambitions.

The right persons will grow with you.

Or they will be there and support you.

If there are people trying to make you stay put.

Making you not evolve.

Making you feel bad for the life you want and need for yourself.

Don’t mind them.

They will evaporate from your life.

If you don’t give them energy.


Some may be in a small shock.

Because they put you in this square room and now you claim that you are about to get out.

Some might want to do the same change in their lives.

But they don’t dare.

Or don’t have your visions.

Make peace with that.

You are now shaking the base of the relationship that is build.

Try to tell them so they can understand.

Try to get them grow with you.

We can not be angry at people because our journey is not for them!

Invite them to join you.

If they cant.

If they are to afraid.

If they lack the vision.

If they lack the understanding.

You have to do you.

Say thanks to them.

But get on with you life.

You have to do whats right for you.

And the funny thing with life is that it is here to support you.

So when you take a step.

Life will send you the right people to be there.

Just try it and you will see.

How everything falls into place.

The universal energy is amazing.

But so are we.

Me day

This day exist in religions.

Sunday you will go to church if you are christian.

Muslims have their big Friday prayer.

And jews have shabbat.

From Friday evening until Saturday evening.


What do we have?

A lot people now days are not religious.

We don’t follow a strict rule that say that we should rest.

Rest and recharge.

Now days we got the internet.

And almost everything is instant.

Its stressing us out.

Especially us that are under pressure and stress a lot.

Just to exist in this world.

Take a ”me day” every week.

Yes, a day just for you.

To celebrate you.

To recharge you.

To nurture you.

Do what ever you feel like.

Do you want to spend all day playing video games.

Go ahead.

Or watching movies.

And eat ice-cream.

But don’t forget the simple things that are good for you.

Like fresh air, healthy food and a good sleep.

Do you have an play area?

I mean:

A place for you to release some tension in a happy mode.

Neurotypicals have bars, clubs.

They have  gatherings.

They have afterwork.

They have meet-ups at coffee shops.

They get fueled from the movement, from the noise, from the small talk.

That what is for us the none-sense chitchat.

They get energy from being around people in small rooms, full of people that making extra noice to be heard over the volume of the music.

Where is your play area?

Where do you leave your tensions?

Where do you have your likeminded people (to complain about your coworker or about the boss or life in general).

We don’t have the same perception and we don’t feel the same way about stuff.

Do you have a bounce ball?

Or clay to make small dwarfs with?

Do you lay still on a yoga mat?

Do you rull around on the floor?

Do you jump around your house pretending that its a dance while looking like a wild horse?

Do you have what fuels you?

Do you have the tools to fuel you?

Get a list off the things you like.

And incorporate it in your daily life today.

Whenever you feel lost go back and read the list and see what is lacking for you.


The awful and degrading.


No we should not know how you ment by that.

We should not known better.

No we should not have learn that by now.

No we should not understand the underline meaning of what you just said.


And we shouldn’t ”should” ourselves anymore.

And its hard.

Really hard.

When everyday we are ”shouldn’t” by society.

And we think that is the right way to live.

Ae must stop ”I should” ourselves.

We don’t ”you should” neurotypicals to make a distinguish between different type off,

Rose flowers just by their smells.

We don’t ask these things from you.

And you should stop asking them from us.

And we should stop should ourselves.

Our brain is not wired that way.

We don’t get your meaning.

We don’t read your thoughts.

We get what you are telling us.

Literary telling us.

We are created with this awesome brain.

By God if you will call it that way.

By the universal infinite energy.

We are made this way.

To try to change us.

To try to change ourselves.

Its a waste of time.

Our time is precious.

Its waste of our gifts to the world.

Our gifts are healing.

Ee have so much to share.

To give.

To be!

In this world.

And somehow we are made to feel like we are at the wrong planet.

We are not.

Or we wouldn’t be here.

We are here to spred light.

We are here to make you authentic.

We are here to question your thoughts.

We are here to expand your life.

We are humans with detail based brains.

If we get send to the store to buy a chocolate and the color on the label is changed.

And/or the fonts have been changed.

For us its not the same chocolate.

And most likely.

We will come home empty handed.

And thats when the light you have.

You need to give it to us.

And never a ”you should known”.

Would you laugh at Beyonce?

If Beyonce can have the word bootylicious acknowledge as a real word.

How much words doesn’t just evaporate everyday?

”Funny speech” they say.

I say its brilliant.

We make visuals with the words and sentence we use.

Its like an doodle.

But in sound.

Yes we bend the sound.

We break it.

We switch its places.

Just like an doodle.

It creates thinking.

It helps process the information.

It absorbs the information.

Doodling makes new though pattern easy on the mind.

Doodling makes you learn.

Its not funny its ultimate necessary.

Its the thin line between life and death.

But I say:

Always reach to learn with laughter.

So laugh all you want.

Never at me.

But with me.

Just like you would do with Beyonce.

”Do one thing everyday that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt

You know that quotation.

”Do one thing everyday that scares you”

That can not be applied to us.

Everyday is scary.

But I would say.

”Do something different everyday”

Actions transform energy.

Until you have done something you can not feel the energy of the action.

Not even if you go thru it like a movie in your mind.

It can make you think it into reality.

It can make you feel prepared.

But the transformation comes from the completing.

Don’t do something you hate.

Don’t do something you think someone else want you to do.

Do things you like.

What about a new color on clothes?

Or try a dish you think you would like?

Or a new type of haircut?

Or maybe a new hobby?

Different doesn’t have to be scary.

When you think about it:

Scary doesn’t have to be scary.

Danger is real but fear is not.

What will you do differently today?

We don’t discriminate

We don’t judge based on skin color.




Nor sexual preferences.

We don’t judge you based on your clothes.

Your economic state.

Your family background.

Nor your friend circle .

We don’t make assumption.

We let everyone be a blank canvas.

This is a little taste off freedom to just be as an human being.

A living soul.

And this is one off the many awesome things we posses.

But if someone fills the canvas full off shit.

Well we don’t have that social filter.

And we will tell you whats up.

That canvas is full off shit.

”You are a piece off shit”

What we have is an awesome filter.

Balance is whatever makes you feel good

There is no universal balance.

Between work, family, workout time.

Its up to you to feel good.

So its up to you to change and adapt the balans you need each and everyday.

Make up your life as you live it.

Nothing is static.

You can change your mind as many times as you want.

(As many times you need).

When you change your thoughts.

You change your feelings.

And your action.

And therefore your life begins with just one thought.

Choose one that makes you feel Awesome.

Your life is your art

Your life is your art and times when you feel great are your masterpieces.

Not everyone will like it or even see it.

Yet understand it.

But the ones that do.

Are the only ones that matters.

And they will cherish those moments with you.

Thats the ones that will infuse the moments with laughter.

Never at you.


Always with you.

Your job in life.

Is to never stop laughing.

Paint your masterpieces.

With the things that makes you happy.

While continue to read this blog…

I encourage you to get yourself a notebook and a pen that you really like.

That will make you happy every time you see it.

And began to write down stuff that applies to you.

About you:

What gives you energy?

How often do you need time to your self in order to function?

How much light can you handle before its to heavy on the brain?

What smells annoys you the most?

What person gives you most energy?

Who drains you?

What food do you hate and what can you eat instead so you get the nutrition you need?

What music do you love to listen to?

Knowledge is power.

Get yourself powerful.

Change – a mother fucker

We hate change.

We are detail based people.

And we see if something little been moved slightly in a room.

Imagine if a lot of things have been moved around…

Well thats the messy life we live.

We don’t like excitement in the sense off the unknown.

We don’t like being surprised.

We are not these dopamin seekers mountain climbers types.

We don’t need that kind off stimulation in order to feel alive.


We are not friends with you.

But we should be.

Because only in the moments of change is when you can receive a blessing.

Static is death.

Movement is life.

And so you need that (mother fucker) change in your life.

Not my monkeys not my circus

We all know those people that talk and talk and talk.

Usually about the same thing every time.

And you listen and you give advice.

And they never take it.


And then you hear the same story again…

They don’t want your advice.

They just want to talk about whatever they think is a problem for them.

They don’t want a solution.

They want to vent.

They use you as a mirror.

Like a wall to talk to.

They take your time, they drain your energy and they don’t feed you nothing new.

Its theirs monkeys and its not your circus.

Do something else, read your mail, a magazine, make food, whatever.

And this may sound rude but its not, don’t listen to them, just pretend that you do.

All they want is a wall anyway.

Celebrate your imperfections

The brain likes symmetric things.

And so that is the worldly definition of beauty.

Don’t get fooled by how your brain is programmed.

There is beauty in singing off key.

Dancing out of tune.

Walking in a clumsy way.

There is beauty in coloring outside the lines.

Asymmetry is everywhere and should be honored as equal lovely as symmetry.

Lets be real.

Symmetry is considered as beautiful by our brain.

But then, so what?

After you conclude the beauty.

Then beauty is just plain simple and borring.

Asymmetric will always be interesting.

I rather be interesting than beautiful anytime.

Do you for you

Sometimes you just have to turn the phone off (or to flight mode).

Turn the tv off, the radio off, the noice off.

Let the curtains work, event if its the most beautiful sunny weather outside.

Turn the lights off, maybe light some candles.

Close the windows and bulletproof your space off any sounds.

Put on your most comfy clothes.

Make yourself your favorit snack or something yummy.

Write, read, paint, draw, build something, maybe a 3d puzzle.

Nurture your spirit, body and mind.

Know that you are not missing out on anything out there .

Quit the ”I should… I could” and quiet the blame.

And while you fuel your energy maybe charge all electronic devices.


We make the world beautiful with our unique way off thinking.

Beauty is not just something you can see, its more than that.

Its the way you make someone feel, its the way you make someone think.

Beauty is in the shift off ones perspective.

And we are the experts in doing just that. 

Start today by giving yourself some credit for all that you are right now. 

And if you are open to something new then start your days by telling yourself:

”I am awesome, my being brings light into the world, I am a creator of heaven on earth”.