Our journey is for us

When you grow.

In your way off thinking.

In a sense of what you want for your self in life.

When you grow in your ambitions.

The right persons will grow with you.

Or they will be there and support you.

If there are people trying to make you stay put.

Making you not evolve.

Making you feel bad for the life you want and need for yourself.

Don’t mind them.

They will evaporate from your life.

If you don’t give them energy.


Some may be in a small shock.

Because they put you in this square room and now you claim that you are about to get out.

Some might want to do the same change in their lives.

But they don’t dare.

Or don’t have your visions.

Make peace with that.

You are now shaking the base of the relationship that is build.

Try to tell them so they can understand.

Try to get them grow with you.

We can not be angry at people because our journey is not for them!

Invite them to join you.

If they cant.

If they are to afraid.

If they lack the vision.

If they lack the understanding.

You have to do you.

Say thanks to them.

But get on with you life.

You have to do whats right for you.

And the funny thing with life is that it is here to support you.

So when you take a step.

Life will send you the right people to be there.

Just try it and you will see.

How everything falls into place.

The universal energy is amazing.

But so are we.

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